Self-Guided Tours give REALTORS®

Listings, Leads, Time, Money, Safety.

Get Many Qualified Leads

How It Works

Double or Triple Your Sales

A New Way to Buy or Rent a Home

  • Buyers and renters can enter properties instantly, without an appointment
  • They can have unescorted, self-guided tours of properties
  • Can listen to pre-recorded narrations highlighting each room
  • Completely safe, with multiple layers of security

Perfect for Empty Homes

  • Buyers can enter vacant homes instantly, between 7 am and 7 pm 7 days a week
  • Security cameras work all the time and store videos in the cloud
  • Audio is never monitored or recorded
  • REALTORS® receive a push notification whenever there is motion on the cameras

Perfect for Occupied Homes

  • Buyers can enter occupied homes only during times specified by the occupants of the home
  • Only the occupants of the home can monitor the security cameras
  • Occupants can monitor their own cameras and are notified when buyers enter or leave the home
  • Audio is never monitored or recorded

Sellers Love CIWAO

  • Allows many more people to see a home for sale
  • Homes get sold faster and for more money
  • Sellers are not bothered by Realtors asking if or when they can show their home
  • CIWAO cameras offer security during open houses and for empty homes

Buyers Love CIWAO

  • Can see many more homes, much more quickly and on their own schedule
  • Can visit homes as often as they want
  • Don’t have the pressure of having a realtor® following them around
  • Can create a journal to keep track of all the homes visited
  • Get two FREE Home Buying and Home Improvement e-books

Realtors Love CIWAO

  • See complete Buyer's Profile including if the buyer is working with a Realtor
  • Save valuable time not having to drive across town to show a home
  • Build rapport with buyers remotely via video chat
  • Get leads of people wanting to sell their homes
  • Avoid the danger of being alone in an empty home with a stranger

Helps REALTORS® Compete

  • Gives REALTORS® the mos t advanced technology to grow their business
  • Helps REALTORS® get many more lis tings!
  • Helps REALTORS® compete with low commission companies
  • CIWAO’s mission is to help REALTORS® be much more effective with a lot less effort


  • CIWAO asks buyers if they have committed to a REALTOR®. This prevents listing agents from working directly with those buyers
  • CIWAO makes it safe for buyers' REALTORS® to tell their clients to visit CIWAO properties on their own
  • Buyer’s REALTOR® can then simply help with making the offer and negotiating the price
  • This reduces the time REALTORS® spend with buyers

About Us

  • We are a team of real estate professionals, app developers, and designers
  • Our mission is to help buyers and REALTORS® buy and sell real estate
  • CIWAO is the AirBNB and Uber of the Real Estate industry
  • We are located in beautiful San Diego, California

Our Founder: Alex A. Lluch

  • Over 20 years buying and selling real estate
  • Over 25 years developing large websites and apps for Fortune 500 companies
  • Founder of several very successful companies
  • Author of over 300 best-selling books, which have sold over 5 million copies
  • Creator of many consumer products, which have sold over 35 million units
  • Creator of the best educational apps, with over 4 million downloads a year
  • Author of the best-selling books titled Home Buying Made Easy and Home Improvement Made Easy

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