Realtors Love CIWAO

REALTORS® Benefit from CIWAO

  • Can check buyer’s identity and build rapport with buyers remotely via video chat
  • Save hundreds of hours not having to drive across town to show a home
  • Get leads of people wanting to buy or sell a home
  • Avoid the danger of being alone in an empty home with a stranger

Comprehensive Buyer Profiles

  • Tell REALTORS® how much buyers are pre-qualified for, their price range, if they need to sell a home, etc.
  • To protect buyers' agents, CIWAO asks if buyers are committed to a REALTOR®
  • This makes it safe for buyers' agents to tell their buyers to view CIWAO properties on their own

Pre-recorded Narrations

  • REALTORS® can record narrations highlighting the main features of each room, like during a museum tour
  • Much more effective than relying on other REALTORS® to show the property, as they may not be able to highlight the main features of the home
  • Buyers can listen to these narrations when comparing the various homes they have visited

Home Evaluations

  • Tell REALTORS® how the buyer liked the home and what the buyer is looking for
  • Help REALTORS® have conversations with sellers to discuss price adjustments or necessary improvements to the properties

CIWAO Doesn’t Just Give Leads, CIWAO Gives Relationships!

Leads from CIWAO

  • Are face-to-face conversations remotely with potential buyers via video chat
  • Buyers who have entered one of your listings, giving you a connection with those buyers
  • Includes the number of times those buyers have entered a property
  • A full profile of those buyers

Other Realtor Functions

  • REALTORS® have a dashboard that allows them to manage each property very easily
  • Can create a property profile and add a link to the listing on or on the Realtor’s website
  • Can add property narrations, view property visitors, see when the property is available for showing, and so much more

CIWAO Protects Realtors

  • CIWAO asks buyers if they have committed to a REALTOR®. This prevents listing agents from working directly with those buyers.
  • CIWAO makes it safe for buyer's REALTORS® to tell their clients to visit CIWAO properties on their own
  • Buyer’s REALTOR® can then simply help with making the offer and negotiating the price
  • This significantly reduces the time REALTORS® need to spend with buyers