Multiple ways to check buyer’s identity

  • A 5-digit code is sent to the buyer’s phone to confirm the ownership of the number
  • Jus t like a credit report application, CIWAO asks "Out of Wallet" ques tions to verify the buyer's identity
  • This makes CIWAO super safe to use

Buyers don’t take possession of the house key

  • CIWAO door locks allow realtors to open the home remotely
  • Buyers don’t take possession of the key
  • Realtors send a one-time code to the buyers remotely
  • Buyers can enter the property as often as they want

CIWAO Security Cameras offer peace of mind

  • CIWAO cameras alert the occupant if anyone enters the home after hours
  • In vacant homes, CIWAO cameras can be monitored by either the owner or the realtor
  • In occupied homes, cameras can only be monitored by the occupants of the home

Insurance Policy

  • Airbnb has proven that it is safe to allow s trangers to enter empty homes even without cameras
  • Airbnb properties don’t use security cameras. So CIWAO is even safer than Airbnb
  • In the rare event that an incident occurs, CIWAO offers a $1,000 insurance policy to cover the homeowner’s insurance deductible and anything else the homeowner’sinsurance won’t cover