CIWAO Realtors Sell Homes Faster & for More Money!

Every Day Open House

  • Homes are opened any time sellers are not in the home
  • Many more buyers enter the home

How It Works

  • Realtors video chat with buyers and check their identity
  • Realtors send a one-time code to let the buyers in
  • Sellers can monitor buyers as they enter their homes

Sellers Benefit from CIWAO

  • Sellers are not bothered by REALTORS® asking if or when they can show their home
  • Allows 5 to 10 times more people to see their homes
  • Homes get sold faster and for more money
  • CIWAO cameras offer security during open houses and for empty homes

Buyers Love CIWAO Homes

  • Can enter CIWAO homes for sale, unescorted by a realtor and without an appointment
  • Can listen to pre-recorded narrations highlighting the main features of each room
  • Can enter properties as often as they want
  • Can make immediate offers

CIWAO Is Super Safe To Use!

CIWAO Electronic Lock

  • Realtors lets buyers enter the home remotely by sending a one-time code
  • Buyers don’t take possession of the key
  • Door locks automatically

CIWAO Security Cameras

  • Security cameras store everything in the cloud
  • Only occupants of the home have access to the security cameras
  • Occupants are notified when buyers enter or leave the home

CIWAO Guarantee

  • Uses multiple ways to check buyer’s identity
  • Captures buyer’s driver’s license
  • Conducts comprehensive criminal background investigation on all buyers
  • CIWAO pays up to $1,000 to cover the deductible of the homeowner’s insurance policy, in the rare event an incident occurs